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Wileys Slalom RTP

Wileys Slalom RTP

Ordinarie pris 1 495 SEK
Ordinarie pris Försäljningspris 1 495 SEK
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Klassisk RTP

Text från Wileys hemsida:

Wiley's Rear Toe Plate is made with a comfortable rubber toe strap and non-slip pebble deck foot pad.

Wileys Universal Rear Toe Plate fits all current slalom ski hole patterns including HO, D3, Radar, Connelly, Etc. 

Built with Wileys world famous Kirkhill rubber from time tested dies to insure they fit great, this is a great fitting rear toe.

The footbed is made of their proven pebble deck nonskid that allows the foot to slide in while still offering superior grip and comfort.

Made in the USA! 

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