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S-Lines X Series Slalom Line Slide Loop

S-Lines X Series Slalom Line Slide Loop

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Nyhet 2023

Nedan följer en presentation på engelska tagen från S-Lines hemsida:

Our X Series line is braided with our unique blend of yarns to create the latest innovation in slalom mainllines. This ropes has little to no stretch and is the all time favorite of many pro skiers on the water. It stiff when you want it to be stiff and has a bit more give at the completion of the turn so you come out of the turn at the best possible position.
This rope is different from others and feels most comfortable from the first time it hits the water.

Slide Loops
Large opening on the end of all our mainlines for easy handle change.
Last section always comes removable for replacement when worn.
All of our ropes come tournament ready, with measurement sheet provided.
Meets IWWF Standards

Competition rope

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