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Ronix RTX Blackout Technology - Boat Board

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Response, feel and ultra-soft landings all found in this modern, continuous wakeboard.

Last year we took our speediest, well-rounded board and shed over 1.5lbs of weight. New foam - new sworn to secrecy ingredients – new ways to ride a board. This year we added a finite insert pack making the difference in stance options 25% closer than its predecessor - created for riders that want a very specific width between their feet. The RXT’s tip / tail shape breaks up the water for softer landings and is even more lenient on unstable drops from the sky. Now you can correct yourself and ride away with ease from a shape that will reward - not penalize you - from being off target. The RXT has our fastest rockerline for more momentum out into the flats, and smooth predictable take offs. Our secret sauce - Blackout Technology – generates added response through a turn, with more feel and security between rider and board when traveling on the water or jumping off the wake. Unmatched modernization for riders looking for every advantage to progress their talents, or intermediate wakeboarders looking for a forgiving shape and construction they can grow into. Created by smart scientists in lab coats that like fast, lightweight wakeboards.

All the goodness of the most advanced wakeboard construction.

Made with ingredients that only a few engineers at the Radar Lake lab even know about.

A board that truly does...
- ride faster
- feel livelier
- land softer
- fly longer
- react quicker

 Size (cm) Weight (kg)
140 70-89
144 75-93
148 80+