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Ronix Rove Karver Wakeskate

Ronix Rove Karver Wakeskate

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Ever wanted to strip everything off a deck, slap some big ‘ol fins on the back, chuck your boots and just go for a soul turn sesh? More surface area and deeper fins than any of our other skates – giving you the stability of your favorite longboard to shred an effortless cutback. It’s not always about the wake – sometimes it’s the path you take to get there. Up-shift a gear with the most affordable, fast and reliable ride in our line with a 3-fin design ready to bury the rail.

Rocker – Blended continuous / 3-Stage
Construction – Maple Wood / EVA Concave
Fins – 3 - 1.7” Hook Fins
+ Maple Wood – A similar stiff reactive layered wood you would find in your favorite skateboard.
+ Tri Fin – A tighter, stronger turning radius ready for a receptive session of soul turns

40" - 102cm
42" - 107cm 70+
44" - 112cm 75+
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