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Ronix Parks Modello Core - Boat Board

Ronix Parks Modello Core - Boat Board

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Speed and stability meet increased freedom.

A shape with more stability, speed, and freedom now adds a larger 150cm version. For over a ¼ century Parks Bonifay has continually refined wakeboards; this shape has the biggest, sweet spot in the middle with even more volume in the tip/tail and an easier release off the wake with a rounded profile. Over the decades of Parks’s wakeboarding journey aggressive, reactive, and explosive have been replaced with smoother, less strain, and predictable. That started with the rockerline – we created an arc that allows any rider to go into the wake blindfolded and they will know exactly how the board will lift off the water every time. This easy take off also has more glide speed putting less strain on your body. To give the rider fast, free cutbacks, we “borrowed” technology from the golf industry and ran dimples through the entire bottom of the board to reduce friction from the water and create a board that will break free unlike any other shape out there. We continue to reduce the side cut of this series, and that added volume makes it easier to ride at slower speeds with more controlled landings.


 Size (cm) Weight (kg Range)
140 68-85
145 77-95
150 85+


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