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Ronix One Legacy Core - Boat Board

Ronix One Legacy Core - Boat Board

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The hangtime heritage continues with our longest running series known for its vertical take offs is now synonymous with a relaxed and forgiving ride on the water

The latest legacy of 3-Stage shapes with a new construction appropriately called the Legacy Core. 
This new exclusive Legacy Core CNC machined foam has improved dampening qualities to bridge that gap between powerful drive, soft landings, and extra comfort in rough water conditions. Recently we widened this popular shape creating a bigger sweet spot that can be ridden easier at slower speeds. Nearly 2 decades ago we sat in a barn working with wakeboarding’s royalty – Danny Harf - and reimagined how to create a new style of ride that would define a mellower transitioned freeride turn, with more forgiving traits than other high-end boards. Over the years we continue to add more glide speed, creating less resistance and strain on your body, for a smoother take off than its Timebomb construction counterpart. This latest generation is designed for riders that want that extra hangtime that comes with this iconic rockerline in a more comfortable explosion.

 Size (cm) Weight (kg Range)
Up to 75
138 65-85
142 75-95
146 80+


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