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Radar Vapor Boot - Vänster 10

Ordinarie pris 3 499 SEK
Ordinarie pris 4 499 SEK Försäljningspris 3 499 SEK
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OBS STORLEK 10 för Vänster fot fram, komplett med aluminium platta.
The all-new Vapor boot rewrites what is possible in waterski footwear by creating the pinnacle in hybrid boot technology. For the first time a rigid lower skeleton is connected to a Carbitex upper cuff to create the perfect blend of connection and control. The rigid lower skeleton gives a skier complete control over the edges of their ski while the Carbitex upper cuff allows a skier to move over their ski with ease to find balance and connection to the water. A Boa dial completes the package to give a precise fit every single time. Anyone that’s ever owned a Vapor boot in the past now has a reason to upgrade to our latest technology, strap it on and see for yourself the difference, skiing is believing.