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S-Lines S Series Slalom Line (Most Stretch)

S-Lines S Series Slalom Line (Most Stretch)

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S-Lines "mjukaste lina" för slalom är perfekt när man har träningsvärk.


Nedan följer en presentation på engelska tagen från S-Lines hemsida:

The S Series Slalom line is our 3rd type of slalom rope. The yarn and braid were designed to be less stiff than our other lines.Made from the same high quality yarn as the rest of our ropes this is a great option for skiers that like a little more give in a rope while still keeping that connection to the boat. Ski more sets and be less sore after. A great option for skiers that have sore muscle and joint issues.

All of our ropes come tournament ready, with measurement sheet provided. Optional slide loop or standard loops. Large opening on the end of all our mainlines for easy handle change. Last section always comes removable for replacement when worn.

60' (18.25 Meters) with handle.

Meets IWWF standards

All of our ropes are braided in house using our specifically formulated yarn.

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