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KD Redline 2023

KD Redline 2023

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Texten nedan är från KDs hemsida:

    The Redline is the Patriarch of the KD family, having a rich history and countless happy skiers. The Redline lives up to its famous name, providing a secure platform for any intermediate skier to improve on, or just enjoy their skiing. The transitional base means predictable edge changes and a stable ski behind the boat.  The 2020 materials and manufacture process has been incorporated into the Redline, including a PU core and Fiberglass composite layup means it is no slouch out on the water. The rounder bevels and transition concave provides a gentle ride no matter what conditions the lake or river throw at you. Try it and find out why the Redline is one of the biggest selling skis of all time. 

    Key Features:  

    • Transitional Base 
    • PU Core 
    • PBT Top Sheet 
    • Fiberglass composite 
    • Performance Tail 
    • T-Fin
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