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KD Krypton Fusion 2023

KD Krypton Fusion 2023

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Texten nedan är från KDs hemsida:
Added to the Krypton range for 2023, the all-new Fusion incorporates a machined ultralight foam aero-core. The firm PVC core builds and holds the maximum amount of energy throughout the turn, giving instantaneous feedback for lighting edge transitions for the serious skier looking to run short line lenghts. The second-generation Krypton mold utilises all the technology of our flagship Titanium, by adding two tenths of an inch from the forebody through to the tail giving the Fusion the ability to get wide of the boat without stalling. Wrapped in the perfect blend of spread tow carbon and glass fibres the Krypton Fusion delivers the most responsive and agile ski for the 30-34mph skier looking for performance both in and out of the slalom course. Improving on the first iteration, the gen II Krypton features an elongated the flat spot under the bindings and its unique tip riser step has been moved further forward, minimising tip chatter providing a balanced ride regardless of technique. The tail bevels have also been rounded further to deliver tighter, more initiative turns from any body position that feel almost automatic.

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