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KD Krypton Carbon 2023

KD Krypton Carbon 2023

Ordinarie pris 9 278 SEK
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Texten nedan är från KDs hemsida:
The Krypton Carbon is the middle of the range model that features the best of all three skis rolled into a price point package that’s nearly impossible to beat! With its distinctive RCD top deck allowing a full Carbon and graphite top sheet, the Krypton Carbon delivers all the torsional rigidly and explosiveness of the Fusion, with specific fiberglass zones that allow skiers of all abilities to experience tighter radius turns and huge cross course speeds without the need for a perfect technique. The Krypton Carbon uses a softer polyurethane foam core featured in the base model, its foam cells are denser, allowing the ski to ride deeper and require less effort to tighten up the skis natural turn radius. The blend of these two features makes the Carbon the most popular of the entire Krypton line-up.

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