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KD Axcess Binding Men

KD Axcess Binding Men

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Texten nedan är från KDs hemsida:

The KD Axcess is a great entry to intermediate level binding, combining adjustability and support. The Axcess is a bit less high compared to the Vice making it a more friendly to use and to get in- and out of. The innovative floating front toe turns this binding into a multi-sized binding. It comes in the combined size XS-M and the combined size L-XL, resulting in a nice binding so people with different footsizes can share the same binding. 

The fit is controlled by the skier with a single front lace system which also provides super easy entry/ exit. 

Key Features: 

  • Neoprene Toe Liner 
  • Front Lace System 
  • Floating Toe Liner Design 
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