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KD 12K Josh Briant Pro 2023

KD 12K Josh Briant Pro 2023

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The 12K trick ski is a full carbon lay-up and machined PVC core. KD have redesigned model whilst maintaining the shape, we have further enhanced the flex zones to
give the ski more pop for flips and ski lines. KD trick ski has the most stable platform available for toes of any ski on the market and the unique rolled tip and tail corner bevels allow the ski to edge and not bite into the water, providing a clean and predictable take off from the wakes. You will find our trick ski is fast, stable and will let you push the limits and help you reach your potential. This ski is a proven performer and is used by some of the top trickers in the world, Josh Briant, Pato Font, Olivier Fortamps, Martin Labra and a number of atheletes.


  • 100% Carbon Fiber layup & Machined PVC Core
  • Rolled transition tip & tail design
  • Inserted for front and rear plates
  • Extreme pop and spin

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